Townshend Hockey is an intense hockey skating and skills program that is for hockey players of any skill level who are serious about taking their game to the next level. Our camps and clinics focus on building proficiency in HOCKEY skating and skills instead of just "drilling" (stationary coach, whistling kids through pre set drills). We are serious about developing our students and our results show it.

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Boarding Camp Features
"Live Like a Pro"

• NHL Combine style On Ice and Off Ice Testing
• Full Time Equipment Manager
• Full Time Nurse/Trainer
• Free Stick and Sock Tape
• Free Skate Sharpening
• Professional On and Off Ice Apparel
• Professional Individual Evaluations
• 22 Hours On Ice Training
• NHL Strength Coach designed Off Ice Training
• Daily Coaches Corner (chalk talk)



Brad and Billy



•All Programs Designed by Graeme Townshend, Former NHL Player and Coach
• Lowest Student to Instructor Ratio in the Industry
• Building Block Training Format to Establish Proficiency Before Moving on to New Skills
• Highly Skilled and Thoroughly Trained Instructors
• Off Ice Conditioning Program Designed by an NHL Strength Coach
(for camps with 20 or more hours of on ice instruction)



Before and After - Hard Work Pays Off!


Townshend Hockey Promo Video



Townshend Hockey Promo Video


Brad Marchand Trains with Townshend Hockey


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