Seth Goodson

Portland, ME

Seth is the Vice President of Hockey Operations for Townshend Hockey and the most versed in our systems as he was the first Townshend Hockey student. With more than 20 years working and training with Townshend Hockey, he has a depth of knowledge second only to Graeme. Seth played Junior Hockey for the Exeter Freeze and prior to that was captain of his Portland High School Varsity Team. He is currently the Athletic Director and Head Instructor at Global Performance Academy. Prior to that he was a head coach with the Maine Hockey Academy and continues to help with their skating and skills as well as working coaching Skills and Skating with Hebron Academy.

“I love training hockey players mostly to watch them grow as players and people off the ice. There is nothing better than seeing our students return every summer with a new skill set and maturity. Makes me very proud to see our hard work is making such an impact over the year. “

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