The Townshend Hockey Video Analysis Program will allow your skater to experience the development provided today’s professional hockey players. Youth hockey programs don’t tend to offer consistent feedback via video.

Video connects the dots in your child’s learning curve, with a visual evaluation that is easy to see and interpret. With hockey being more competitive than ever, it is even more crucial that young players receive more than what is currently being offered.

How It Works

* All games will be analyzed and broken down by Graeme Townshend, former NHL Player and Coach.

* You will need to commit to a minimum of 2 games, in order to get the most footage and a well-rounded sample of shifts and situations for us to evaluate.

* Simply send us video footage of your skater’s shifts. You can email the game video to You can also send a link if that is an option. If you play at a high school or college, ask your coach for a recent game video and send the DVD to: Townshend Hockey, PO Box 1231, Saco, ME 04072

* Graeme will then set up a video analysis review with you over the phone. He will discuss and highlight all of his findings and make suggestions on how to fix any issues he discovers.

Cost for the first breakdown of TWO GAMES and Professional Analysis: $175.00
Cost for each additional analysis: $50.00

Email Graeme Townshend at to reserve your spot for this limited opportunity.