Frequently Asked Questions

Townshend Hockey Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I start sending my child for boarding camp?
Our camps are appropriate for children as young as 8.  Every child is different, and a boarding situation may not be the best fit for every student which is why we offer our day camps to provide the same training experience without staying in the dorms.

How will I be notified of important information?

During registration you will be provided with information such as what to bring to camp, waivers, cancellation policy, pre-camp work out etc.  These items are also available on our website (  Any updates, changes, etc. will be communicated via email (to the email that you registered your child with)

When is our balance due?
Balances will be due 30 days before program date. 

Who do I contact for questions during camp?
You can email Our staff monitors our email frequently during camps. We will provide an emergency contact phone number at check-in. Coach Graeme Townshend will be giving his full attention to the students on and off the ice, but his senior staff will be available to help in any way.

What is the supervision like throughout the day and night?
We are extremely vigilant about our students’ safety. We always maintain an extremely low coach to student ratio (best in the business). We require roll call every time we leave one area for another. At the dorms we keep all students inside unless attending an outdoor activity with staff supervision. We maintain staff supervision throughout the evening with scheduled hall monitoring.  And the students know which door to knock on if they need something in the middle of the night.

Will there be a medical staff?
We will have an EMT, nurse or medical trainer at camp and at the dorm each day and night. At check in, please be sure to discuss any detailed medical information with our medical staff at that time. We take your child's safety very seriously and it is important to us that we are in communication about any specific medical or personal needs.

When is Check-in and Check-out?
Check-in for both day and boarding students is Sunday and check-out on Friday.  You will receive a welcome email with more updated information prior to camp start and a schedule for the week will be shared at check in.

Is lunch provided on Sundays?
Sunday is the only day we do not provide lunch due to scheduling. Sunday is a very busy and compact opening day of camp. Please be sure your skaters had a healthy and hearty breakfast and lunch prior to arriving to camp. It is also critical that your skater is well hydrated before they arrive.

Is lunch provided for day campers?
Yes. Day campers eat with the boarding campers for lunch Monday through Friday.

What if my child is a picky eater or has a food allergy?
We provide 3 healthy and nutritious meals each day along with a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack. We will be training at a very high level so we have created a menu to provide all students with meals that contain the necessary nutrients to train and recover properly. All meals are also kid friendly with options for everyone. If your child has a food allergy - please be sure to identify that in the notes section during registration.

Is there training on Sundays?
We begin training on Sunday afternoon. Skaters should come prepared for both on ice and off ice training on Sunday.

How are groups arranged?
We typically have two groups each week to not overcrowd the ice. There are many factors in creating these groups during camp. The number of students, programs offered and age are all factored into developing groups. We then separate further into sub groups based on program and ability when needed. This allows us to maintain a low student to coach ratio and progress through our curriculum at an appropriate pace. We are also able to give more individual attention with smaller groups. This helps everyone excel as quickly as possible. Most of our training is individually focused, so not like your normal team practice with flow drills. 

Can my child stay the weekend if doing multiple weeks?
We do have many students that stay the weekend when attending multiple weeks. Please be sure to register for this at the same time you register for camp.

If my child is staying for the weekend, what will they do?

We utilize Saturday as a rest and recovery day.  It is very low key and the kids will often play card games, watch hockey videos, do laundry and just rest.  They are back to full training on Sunday afternoon.

Can I request roommates for my child?
Yes, you can request roommates. Please enter their names in the notes section when signing up. Please note that both people need to add the request to their registrations and we will do our very best to accommodate it.

Is there transportation to and from the airport?
We offer round trip shuttle services from Portland International Jetport (PWM).  This fee includes the additional dorm stay and supervision as well as meals as we ask you to plan your travel days for Saturday (with the exception of our final day of camp which is Aug 2nd; anyone who is attending the last week of camp needs to book flights to return home on the evening of 8/2).   The cost for this service is $175.  Please register and then prior to booking your flights, reach out to  Please note there may be an additional fee for unaccompanied minors.

What should my child bring and not to bring?

Please review the list attached carefully. This list is provided to ensure your child is  prepared and properly equipped while at camp. Click Here To View: Townshend Hockey Summer Hockey Skating School Packing List 2024

Does my child need to bring money?
Your child does not need to bring any money.  We do find that some students opt to order food delivery at night.  You may want them to have access to a credit/debit card if you wish for them to have this option.

Is laundry available?

Your hockey laundry, (undergarments, socks, jerseys) will be done by the equipment manager.  Laundry loops will be provided for this purpose.  Personal laundry can be done in the dorms by the student.  There is no charge for this and detergent is provided.

Are there private lessons available?
We typically offer a couple of hours per week in the evenings for private lessons. Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Are there places to stay and things to do for myself while my child attends?
We do have many families stay in the area while their child attends. We are in a very tourist-friendly area with many beautiful beaches, lakes, restaurants and shopping. There are many places to stay within a 30-minute drive.

What do the boarding campers do while not training?
Our day of training is very intense and full so it is imperative that our students get rest at the end of the day to maximize their training and reduce any chance of injury. It is also a great time to socialize with the other students and coaches. We provide an assortment of games (board games, ping pong, etc). Many lasting friendships have been made at our camps. It is also a great time to get to know our coaches who have tremendous knowledge and connections within the game of hockey. Some of our coaches (Prep School, Junior, College, Pro) may even be scouting your child one day.

When do I receive my child’s evaluation and test results?
We email your child’s evaluation and on/off ice test results within a week or two of your child’s last day of camp. If attending multiple weeks, we will combine all notes into one collaborative evaluation.

What is the address to send items to my camper while at camp?

Townshend Hockey

(Your camper’s Name)

University of Southern Maine

37 College Ave.

Gorham, ME  04038